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Friday, 25 November 2011

Free weightwatchers

Hello all, Bracket here and I've time for another chat. There's a free computer so here goes. Going to be quick today as I got told off for 'playing' on Lisa's computer last week... little does she know ! With the winter nights now drawing in our owners find it so much more difficult to find time to walk us, their four legged friends. Dogs and cats (and our guardians) prefer to settle down in front of the fire than get out and about on cold winter evenings. The problem is we then eat the same gorgeous bowls of food, along with treats and left-overs, and we start to gain the odd pound. This excess weight can lead to joint problems, diabetes and heart disease (and I hate taking tablets at the best of times, so do not intend on self inflicting that punishment). I climb on the practice scales each week to keep an eye on my waistline, and you can too. Pop your owners into any of the surgeries and check your weight - it's free to do. The lovely qualified and registered veterinary nurses run free weightwatcher sessions - they are great fun to attend. Give the practice Head Nurse, Sarah, a call and have a chat - boy, can she chat! Well I can hear Lisa coming up the stairs so I had better 'blog off'. Speak, I mean bark, soon.

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