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Monday, 19 December 2011

It's that most wonderful of the year...

Well busy, busy, busy ...
Don't forget to order your prescriptions and pet foods before Thursday, to guarantee collection before Santa arrives.
Christmas parties, wrapping presents, guests to stay, school holidays, cakes to ice... the list goes on. No wonder sometimes we forget the hazards this season can present to our pets.
Decorations, like tinsel, lights and ornaments, are often too much for your pets to resist. Wooden, plastic and glass decorations can easily be ingested or smashed, either way potentially dangerous for your pet. For houserabbit owners keep cables out of the way - you know how they love nibbling, and chewing on these can lead to electric shocks.
An abundance of food on the Christmas table presents a danger not only to our waistlines but to the health of our pets. Fat-laden scraps of food fed to our pets can cause vomitting and diarrhoea but more importantly pancreatitis. Bones from poultry and other meats can shatter, leaving sharp edges to penetrate stomach linings and gut walls. Never be tempted to feed them.
Remember not to feed your pets grapes and raisins as these are toxic to dogs potentially causing kidney damage.
Likewise chocolate is a poison to cats and dogs. Less than half a small bar of dark chocolate can be fatal to your pet. If they steal a few chocolate drops don't panic, but any more call us straightaway for advice.
Poinsettia, Holly and mistletoe give your home a festive feel but are toxic to pets. Just remember to keep them out of reach and enjoy them.
Always call us for phone advice if you are worried.
At all surgeries we have produced a comprehensive list of festive dangers so do pop in and collect our free guide.

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