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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Ever kissed your pet? Admit it, lots of us have, or at least have come close, intentional or not! Sometimes when we're examining dogs on the consult room table at the practice, and our heads are at the same height, those big canine tongues get us just when we're not expecting it, right on the face with a lovely big schmackeroo! (Just think where those tongues have been..ewww!)

But on a more serious note, could you give your pet the kiss of life in an emergency? Our Senior Vet Elly was on BBC CWR's Vic Minett Show today discussing just this. It was after a news article about a man, in fact a human GP, who resuscitated his tortoise after he found it head down in a bowl of water! Believe it or not, you can indeed do CPR on your pet, but its mouth-to-snout for pets, rather than mouth-to-mouth! Of course, never try it unless your pet has actually stopped breathing, as it can cause harm, and always seek a vet's advice as soon as you can.

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