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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dogs and Christmas gift ideas

In the second part of our Christmas gifts for your pet series we are thinking about our canine friends. Dogs are such intelligent, social and active creatures who are in possession of their own extremely efficient furry coats. This means that they do not need an extensive wardrobe of clothes!

The range of outfits you can buy for them is incredible, and yes they might look cute dressed up as a Christmas tree, or in a t-shirt that says ‘Terrier(ist)’ but who is it really for ? Not your dog. Of course, some dogs do feel the cold but a simple padded jacket is fine, or perhaps once they are out, they could run around... they’ll soon be warm then! Doggy accessories that are worth purchasing are decent collars and leads, halti harnesses (for those who pull) and a few sturdy toys (we love the kong range). These will keep them occupied on walks,  or to play with in the home.

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