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Monday, 31 December 2012

Bracket’s New Year's Resolution!

Oh hi again Bracket here! A New Year’s resolution? That sounds like fun. Can I do one now? Can I, can I, please?! Right, OK, what should I try? How about slobbering less? Could do but that would be very difficult and I think Mum would miss it, she always shouts with delight when I give her a big kiss, especially first thing in the morning when she hasn’t seen me for ages! 

I love walks, what about going on more? With Mum obviously, that time I tried it on my own wasn’t so successful. A lady caught me and I ended up at the vets! Mum soon came to collect me - she said it was a good thing I had a chip - I like chips, especially the crunchy ones she doesn’t eat. Anyway, yes, walks, I love them but wish I could go off the lead more (that’s why it was so much fun when I went on my own!). Mum doesn’t let me much but I love to run. I know she gets a bit cross when I don’t come back straight away but it is so brilliant to run - it’s what we dogs are made for! I suppose I would go back if she made things more interesting, like playing games or having even more treats. Well I am very good at commands, but then again I don’t want her to know that – I just pretend my doggy brain needs to be reminded that way I get my beloved treats! So, more walks where I can run, yes, that would be it! Now, where’s Mum, I feel a good slobber coming on!

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