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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Jeffrey’s New Year Resolution

Well, yes, a New Year’s resolution, I think I could manage that. Let me just clean my paws while I think.
It would be nice to be able to nose twitch to a friend, but I don’t have one…... nibble, nibbleI do get lonely on my own.  The humans do come to see me every day it isn’t the same as having some-one here all the time….nibble, nibbleWe bunnies naturally get on together well, think how many friends I would have if I lived in a burrow!
One thing I know I should do is eat more hay - a bit like you eating healthily, as it is good for my teeth and tummy too….nibble, nibble. But when there is a full bowl of yummy pellets around all the time, it is very difficult to resist them…. nibble, nibble.
So, yes, that’s my resolution; I will try to eat more hay, but I would love a friend! nibble, nibble, nose twitch, big sigh!

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