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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bracket the Gorgeous

Hi all - it's me Bracket, that gorgeous puppy in the photo! Everyone loves me - I'm just so cute, and I know it! My mum takes me to work with her every day and what fun I have. She might stop soon though. Ever since I had my second vaccination I have been able to walk to work on my lead, and what a great time I have. We're only 10 minuutes away but I can make it last 40 minutes, no problem. Everyone wants a cuddle - well why wouldn't they I am irresistible. I met Wellington, a practice regular on Friday, and can he give sloppy kisses - what a dog! Mum says she'll have to leave me at home if I keep making her late for work, so I bettter hurry up next week - I'm not missing all those cuddles!

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