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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hi out there! My name is Veda, and I am as loveable as all those little rugrats I have to share the staffroom with. Life used to be so peaceful but now... Still I can give them a run for their money - Try coming near me when I have a chew!! Well I am going to be a star again tommorrow - Oh the fuss, Oh the adulation - I cannot wait. OK., OK, patience everybody, all will be revealed! Tomorrow at the surgery there is a blood drive. This is a doggy blood donor session run in conjunction with the Pet Blood Bank UK, with 18 dogs donating! It's just like your sessions we give blood, have a lie down and then enjoy something to eat. And ... we go home with a goody bag, have a free health review and receive a comprehensive blood test! If your canine friends would like to get involved they can contact my friends at Broad Lane Vets who can give them more information! Oh by the way you need to be 1-8 years old and over 25kg in weight. Well must blog off now as I've been promised a walk.

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