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Monday, 12 March 2012

Bessie is the third Broad Lane Vets pet to reach the Vet Idol Final

Enjoying her regular walk in December Bessie stopped suddenly, and closed her eye. Her horrified owner investigated to find a stick poking out of her eye! Arriving at our emergency vets Bessie was in severe pain, but still, as always, wagging her tail. Bessie was rushed into theatre and rapidly anaesthetised. The stick was carefully removed along with multiple fragments of stick.
A further stick was stuck across the eye's cornea itself requiring removal.
Bessie had to return to the surgery daily for further care as the eye is such a delicate organ. Antibiotics, pain killers and eye drops were given several times a day by her worried owners. Still very sore we slowly saw her improve. A further operation was required to tidy up her damaged eye. Amazingly two weeks later she came in still wagging her tail, but this time with two big brown eyes wide open.   

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