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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Our second Vet Idol Finalist

Monty is the second pet to reach the Coventry Telegraph Vet Idol Final. Monty is a cheeky little much-loved working cocker spaniel. Although only 3 years old, he has spent rather a lot of time at Broad Lane Vets. We first met him when he was only 6 months old, after he was attacked by 3 dogs, when out on a family walk. He presented collapsed with multiple wounds on his hindlegs and chest. After intensive care, an operation and an overnight stay he was well enough to go home. Then he returned having eaten the first of many things he shouldn't, which necessitated x-rays and medical treatment. He continued to find pretty much anything that didn't move appetising - chip shop wrappers, mobile phones and pin cushions were amongst his favourites. This had led to him undergoing 3 more investigations at Broad Lane Vets, all related to eating non-food objects.  He has also needed treatment after stealing a shoe and injuring his eye in an ownership tug of war. In amongst all of this it had become apparent Monty's vital bits had not properly developed, and so he underwent an operation to remove a testicle from his abdomen, to prevent it turning cancerous. Despite his any visits, Monty doesn't seem to hold a grudge. And after every stay with us he certainly makes the most of it; his "parents" tell us he has to lie between them on the sofa, and refuses food unless hanfed - seems like Monty has us all wrapped around his little paw.      

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