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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Layla joined us at Broad Lane Vets last week. She is the latest addition to our 'animal management team'. We are still deciding where her strengths lie so watch our website for her job title - http://www.broadlanevets.co.uk/ Talking of websites have you visited our new site yet? We are really pleased with it - there is lots of information at your fingertips and lots new pages. Have a look at our offers, newsletter and on-line shop.
Anyway back to Layla. She is a 10 week old Belgian Shepherd Dog and belongs to Kate, a final year student nurse at the practice. Following 3 years of hard work training, Kate will qualify as a Registered Veterinary Nurse next year and join our team of 8 qualified nurses.
Layla is a real character, but so well behaved already. She starts school next week, attending training classes in Allesley Park with Niki at http://www.soundhoundsdogtraining.co.uk/ . Kate brought Layla to our Puppy Party last Monday, at the Broad Lane Surgery, where she met 7 other puppies. She learnt some basic puppy care, had a go at brushing Layla's teeth, tried some basic dog training and enjoyed puppy playtime. After the party she, of course, had a party bag holding lots of goodies to enjoy at home.
If you would like to know more about the free of charge Puppy Parties, held each week at the surgery give us a call on 02476 464789.


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