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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Max is having swimming lessons

Thankyou to Elaine at Corley Canine Pool who is teaching Max to swim. He may be an old man but he is really benefitting from his hydrotherapy sessions.
Hydrotherapy is used to help in many such as arthritis, CDRM, spondylosis, cruciate ligament injury, dysplasia and to help with general weight loss. Max, who belongs to Veterinary Surgeon Elly, has Degenerative Joint Disease, leaving him with reduced mobility. Alongside his medication Max goes swimming and has acupuncture, both proven to help with his medical condition. 
Hydrotherapy is non-weight bearing exercise, proven to have therapeutic effects. He swims once a week as well as having acupuncture from Richard Webb, Veterinary Surgeon and qualified acupuncturist, who holds clinics at Broad Lane Vets in Coventry.
Max's owners, and staff at the surgery, have seen a real improvement in Max's mobility since receiving these complementary medicines. He is certainly more comfortable and eager for a walk. But... his favourite part, being a Labrador, is the food treat he receives at the end of his session.
Interesting fact:
Did you know a six minute swim is equivalent to a five mile walk, in toning the muscles of the body. 

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