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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Party on!

Have you got a new puppy?
Choosing your puppy and bringing them home is so much fun, and then there is feeding, vaccinations, insurance, house-training and everyones lack of sleep to think about.
As well as your pup's physical development it is important to remember their mental development is progressing fast. He will probably learn more about life before the age of 13 weeks than after. As well as learning lots of training instruction in these early weeks, it is important that he has as many life experiences as possible to prevent him becoming worried of different people, dogs and places.
He also needs the opportunity to learn to play, not just with you but with other puppies too. We can help you achieve this at our Puppy Parties.

These allow your pup to meet other pups, and people, at an early age and in a safe environment. They can learn to develop social skills, helping them to deal with other dogs during their exciting lives.
There is lots more information on the Puppy Parties page of our website, or you can give Sarah a call on 02476 464789 to learn more about our parties.   

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