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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Our strange message at Broad Lane Vets

Earlier this month we all received a rather different message to our in-boxes at Broad Lane Vets. It was entitled ‘STUMPY’.

To set the scene for those of you who have yet to meet Stumpy here he is (on the left):

Yes I know cute isn’t he! Well that butter wouldn’t melt look might have you fooled, but by previous postings you will know he is a terror! If you leave it lying around he eats it. He spends a lot of his life at the practice, in the office (or ideally wandering around if he can escape!). He has devoured ink cartridges, staff member’s dinners, boxes of paper, handcream to name but a few items… so you’re getting the picture.

The thing you also need to know about Stumpy is why he is called so. He belongs to Elly and Jerome (Elly’s not always so better half – sorry Jerome). His real name is Carling, a rejected Guide Dog. Why? I hear you say. Well he has very short twisted legs – basically he’s a basset-hound, with a labrador’s body. Not tall enough to meet the criteria, and likely to have a few medical problems as he gets older.

Back to that message… Well, read for yourself:

I need your help as one of my hairy family clearly has a problem:

Jerome was left in charge of Stumpy while I was out. 
Below is listed the destruction I come home to...
- 2 x packets of Doritos disappeared from worktop in our kitchen on Saturday. The packets later being found very-neatly opened (minus Dorito contents) in the corner of the lounge, under the dog bed
- 6 (yes six!) slices of leftover pizza disappear from the delivery box (on the kitchen worktop) on Sunday morning - box still in-situ on the worktop, garlic dip container licked clean lying on the floor (with lid mysteriously unaccounted for)
- 300g of fresh-filled pasta (meant to be my dinner on Monday night!) mysteriously disappear from kitchen worktop whilst Jerome allegedly putting the bins out

Now, let’s look at the evidence...
- Stumpy's short legs - likelihood of getting all this food from the worktop?
- So that leaves Jerome...does he have a secret binge-eating/garlic-dip-licking problem, and is using Stumpy as a convenient and very believable excuse?!

Please vote and message me back - who do you think is eating the food - Jerome or Stumpy?!!

Well the practice team were divided here! Some blamed Jerome, who enjoys his food, whilst others knowing Stumpy thought him the culprit. What do you think??? 

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