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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Max the Labrador!

Hi everyone, my name's Max, I'm a black Lab, and my favourite thing in the world is mud, and there's plenty of that around at the moment, especially in the War Memorial Park where I go every day! (The weather was a little better when the photo with my mom Elly was taken!) I'm one of the more experienced staff-owned pets at Broad Lane, and I feel its time to put my paw down and be counted - can't let these new young pups grab all the limelight can we?!

Its my birthday today, I'm 9 years old, so I'm looking forward to a tasty special dinner cooked by my dad Jerome later (mom can't cook!) Reaching this age means I have now officially retired from being a Doggy Blood Donor, which is a shame, as I always looked forward to my treats and free toy after donating! Not many people realise, but pets sometimes need blood transfusions, just the same as people do. In the past, when a pet my mom was treating needed blood, she had to use one of the staff dogs as a donor (like me!) However 3years ago, a new charity called "Pet Blood Bank" was set up, and they now run co-ordinated blood drives at volunteer practices across the UK - Broad Lane Vets is the only practice in Coventry to hold regular blood drives for the charity. They collect blood from suitable donors, then process and store it, so vets across the country can access this vital treatment as and when they need it. I have given blood lots of times, and have saved a good few of my doggy friends' lives by doing this. It only takes a few minutes, and the people that take the blood are very gentle, so I don't mind a bit - especially when I get lots of fuss afterwards! I always wonder why more owners don't bring their dogs to donate, especially as we all get a free examination by a vet, free blood typing as well as a full health screen. Anyway I'd do it just for the smart red Bandana we get (even though dad says he won't take me for a walk if I insist on wearing it!)

All you need to remember is that you must be up to date with your vaccinations, microchipped, 1-8years old, and you've got to be over 25kg. You need to be good-tempered, and obviously in good health. As I'm now too old, it would be great if I could recruit a few doggy donor replacements. Our next blood drive will be held in June - if you're interested, then there's lots more info at www.petbloodbankuk.org or you can ring Broad Lane Vets on 02476 464789 and ask for Kerry.

I'm off for another walk now - wonder if I can remember where that particularly smelly puddle is that I found last time - hope so! Max.

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