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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Quite a mouthful!

Hey ya all, the Bracket is back J To think that everyday there is something new to learn, huh? It is incredible how much there is to find out about the world and life and everything. I will have to live to over 120 years to be able to learn most things, I think.
Today I learnt about ‘lungworm’. Sounds a bit yuck and it is not really nice, actually. I was in the garden, sniffing away and tracking something I have not seen before. It looked quite tasty, but mom got quite upset when she saw me chewing it and made me drop it. Truth be told, it was a bit tasteless and gloopy. Mom told me it was a slug and she said I should not eat them. Apparently they can transmit ‘lungworm’. Even the slime trail that they leave when crawling around, can transmit this. ‘Lungworm’ can cause all sorts of problems in dogs, like coughing and internal bleeding and it can be fatal. Scary stuff really, so I was glad my mom stopped me just in time. The treatment for lungworm is quite straightforward, it is called ‘Advocate’ and is like other flea drops that are put on the back of the neck. With a condition like this, I think it is better to be safe than sorry, right?
Gotta dash. It is a grey and wet day outside, but am going for a stroll nevertheless. TTFN, B-boy

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