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Friday, 30 April 2010

Princess Imogen

It is I, Princess (with a capital P) Imogen. I have had enough of these lesser mortals hogging the limelight - it is now time for me to speak. I try not to 'live' at the vets, unlike these other hairy creatures. The noise they make chasing each other in the staff room is too much for my delicate disposition! Don't get me wrong, if I am ill or need annual vaccinations to keep me healthy I am happy to travel with Carys, my servant, to visit those kind vets. I allow Carys time off to go to her other job on a daily basis - as long as she gives me 100% when she returns to my palace! Carys is training to be a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She has completed her preliminary written papers, and 2 years worth of portfolio cases (that is a triumph in itself - 2 years of case studies and evidence). She is sitting her final written exams soon, and will then have to complete a day of practical exams - thank goodness I'm a cat. Once Carys is qualified she will run her own clinics, take the lead in monitoring anaesthesia, take radiographs, carry out blood sampling, set up and monitor intensive care patients, run the pharmacy, give you sound advice and so much more - I could ramble on for hours. It's great to know that at my vets all the staff are fully qualified! It's not the case at every vets you know!!!

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