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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Aren't we clever!

Veda here again. Woof, Woof. Guess what the humans were up to on Friday night? They were at Warwick Castle - No, not on a ghost hunt, but at The Federation of Small Businesses award ceremony. No furry friends allowed but what a night! Our owners won the top award in their category 'Most enterprising Business of the Year 2010'. It's a team effort apparently, so we must have won it too! Then, not content with that success, they went on to win the top prize! 'Small Business of the Year 2010'. We are so proud of all 24 of our humans. The award marks achieving excellent standards in customer care and teamwork, the relocation of our Balsall Surgery to 384a Kenilworth Road (oh, and the longer opening hours) and the extra services our veterinary practice offers. You know - the acupuncture clinics, the canine blood donor days (see my previous blog!) and our great puppy parties (yes, I know I'm too old thankyou Bracket). Look at their posh piccies ooooohhh!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

On the move!

Hello its Max the black Lab again! Exciting news - Broad Lane Vets now has a Practice Van - and its got my paw prints painted on it and everything (well, Fred says they're modelled on him, but I know better!) It was a bit scary when I first travelled in it, but my mom Elly drives it much more carefully than her old car, so it was fine. It gets used every day by the vets going to our branch surgeries at Radford Rd and Balsall Common, and for performing visits to pets' and their owners' homes. This is sometimes done when an owner finds it difficult to come into one of our 3 surgeries with their pet, or sometimes for what mom calls "the final goodbye" - I don't know what that means, but mom says its often nicer for owners and their pets to be in their familiar home environment for this, which sounds like a good idea to me. Lots of vets don't do home visits, but the vets at Broad Lane have always done them, as they feel its a really worthwhile service to provide.

This week, the new van got put to particularly good use, helping to save a dog's life! Barney had collapsed at home and the owner was very worried but could not move him to get him into the surgery. The owner phoned Broad Lane, and Chris the receptionist asked some questions about the dog, which soon made her realise Barney was very poorly. So Chris asked a vet to go straight away. Elly drove the van to the owner's home and found that Barney had a very swollen tummy and needed urgent treatment. He was taken on a stretcher from the house to the van - luckily Elly had taken Sarah R, our strongest nurse, with her, as Barney is a giant breed, weighing a lot more than my mom! He was back at Broad Lane and had xrays to confirm his problem within 15minutes of his owner's phonecall to us - he had a twisted stomach, which is life-threatening. Barney had to have major surgery to deal with his problem, and the vets Kerry and Bridget were operating for over an hour. Thankfully, the owner was very vigilant and the van helped get him into the surgery as soon as possible - lots of dogs with this problem die without prompt treatment. Happily, Barney is now recovering well from his ordeal, and should be back to normal after a few weeks' recuperation and lots of fuss from his family!