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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday is Acupuncture Day

Well hello there again fans, Bracket here. Now them humans at Broad Lane Vets have a new puppy and three pesky kittens to adore I am not getting a look in. I told them I would not go away... so finally I spy an empty computer... I can blog. Richard Webb comes in today. He's a Veterinay Surgeon (and has been at Broad Lane hundreds of years, well... just over 38 years) and has a further qualification making him a qualified Veterinary Acupuncturist - He must be special as he has his own room, and a page on our practice website http://www.broadlanevets.co.uk/ .Mmmm I must ask for one of those, as my mum says I am special, and we all now how adored I am!
Anyway Tuesdays I have planned - I keep asking to go to the toilet so I can chat to the dogs arriving for the acupuncture clinic. They are always a friendly lot, and as they attend regularly we've become great friends - a couple of them use the local woods, and being a looottttttt older than me know all the best places to sniff and chase squirrels. Bliss. Martha's in today, what a character. She has something called arthritis. She sees one of the other vets for tablets, which make her feel much better, but also comes to have acupuncture with Richard. You can use it to treat all sorts of ailments. It works by sticking small needles in certain areas of the body. Richard is sooooooooo clever knowing just where to place these needles. I hate needles but Martha says they don't hurt. She actually enjoys coming along as she gets loads of fuss, treats and apparently a sleep; as the acupuncture makes her so relaxed! She leaves feeling more comfortable - crazy to think needles can make you hurt less?
Oh no spotted ...... Must blog off and pretend to be a normal dog. Booiiinnggggg, bbboooiiiinnnggg, time for walkies is it mum??

Monday, 23 July 2012

What a busy Sunday!

Well, we thought we'd have a quiet one, given the Summer seems to have finally arrived, but we were wrong... Instead, we had a record-breaking Sunday here at Broad Lane - seeing the most pets for a Sunday so far this year. Don't forget, we are open late on weeknights, with the last appointment being 7:30pm, and we're open all day on Saturdays (8:30am - 5pm) as well as 11am-3pm on Sundays, and 9-10am on Bank Holidays, so we're here when you need us!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Party on!

Have you got a new puppy?
Choosing your puppy and bringing them home is so much fun, and then there is feeding, vaccinations, insurance, house-training and everyones lack of sleep to think about.
As well as your pup's physical development it is important to remember their mental development is progressing fast. He will probably learn more about life before the age of 13 weeks than after. As well as learning lots of training instruction in these early weeks, it is important that he has as many life experiences as possible to prevent him becoming worried of different people, dogs and places.
He also needs the opportunity to learn to play, not just with you but with other puppies too. We can help you achieve this at our Puppy Parties.

These allow your pup to meet other pups, and people, at an early age and in a safe environment. They can learn to develop social skills, helping them to deal with other dogs during their exciting lives.
There is lots more information on the Puppy Parties page of our website, or you can give Sarah a call on 02476 464789 to learn more about our parties.   

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Our latest wildlife casualty

Tuesday evening saw the arrival of our latest wildlife casualty. Two members of the public arrived with a very distressed fox entangled in temporary plastic fencing. Lucy and Karina had to anaesthetise him to examine the extent of his injuries, and remove the plastic that was now restricting his breathing, so tight was it around his throat. 
Handling gloves and towels were needed as even in his debilitated state this frightened fox was threatening a nasty bite. 
After treatment with antibiotics the fox's weakened state required rehabilitation before he could be released. Geoff at Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sactuary once again came to our rescue and took him in. Thankyou Geoff!

If you find a sick or injured fox, do not touch it. Even when incapacitated, foxes will regard your presence as aggressive, and could give you a nasty bite.
The thing to do is to keep an eye on the fox, or get somebody else to stay with it, whilst you phone
your local vet, or wildlife sactuary, for advice.
Foxes are subject to injury all the year round, but injury is particularly common between December and February, when they become territorial in preparation for breeding and begin to get reckless and take more chances.
The most commonly sustained injuries we see are;
* Road traffic accidents
* Caught in fencing or wire mesh
* Caught in snares
* Poisonings
* Self inflicted damage as a result of mange
Remember to never drop litter, as these fellas can get into all sorts of scrapes with the most insignificant piece of rubbish. 
The offending rubbish