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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Congratulations to our Coventry Telegraph Vet Idol Finalists

Congratulations to all the pets who took part in Vet Idol, in conjuction with the Coventry Telegraph. Four of our client's pets have reached the final. Well done to Bonkers, Monty, Fraya and Bessie.
Over the next few days we will blog their stories in case you missed Saturday's paper.
Well today we will start with Bonkers.
Bonkers, as his name suggests, is a real character. This black labrador used to arrive at Broad Lane Vets, attempt to hurdle the reception desk and then stick his wet nose on the computer keyboard hoping to receive a treat from a member of the reception team. He started his visits to us as a 'Hairy Hero', regularly attending our Pet Blood Bank donor sessions, and saving the lives of many dogs through his blood donations. If we needed a an emergency donor we knew we could call Bonkers and his mum to help at any time. However one day it was Bonkers who needed help. He developed lameness and was so uncomfortable he was referred to an orthopaedic specialist, being diagnosed with osteoarthritis at only 4 years of age. No more launching himself at the reception desk... Now it was our turn to take the treat to him. However in the last year his treats have had to stop too, as Bonkers has developed gastro-intestinal problems. At times these have been so severe that he needs hospitalising and placing on intravenous drips - sometimes he is so poorly even his tail stops wagging. His mum knows the signs to look out for but it's easier said than done stopping a labrador eating things he shouldn't. It's always great to see him recovered and well enough to go home, even if it with a big bag of pills - up to 12 a day for mum to give.