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Friday, 24 January 2014

Drayton Manor Zoo received an early Christmas present

A new arrival has been celebrated at Drayton Manor Zoo in Staffordshire, as a tiny Brazilian tapir is born, and festively named Nickolas in honour of the season.

Born to mother Inca and father Izzie after a 13-month pregnancy, the newborn weighed in at 18lb and is said to be doing well.

Zoo manager Joyce Roberts said: "The fun-filled festive period is always an exciting time of year at Drayton Manor Zoo and now we have even more reason to celebrate.

"Baby Nickolas is adorable and he is already proving a big hit with visitors.  He is a very confident little character and has taken to running around his outside enclosure.

"His mum Inca is very attentive, as she has been with the other offspring that she has produced and successfully reared. I’m quite sure Nickolas will be getting some extra special treats this year