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Friday, 30 April 2010

Princess Imogen

It is I, Princess (with a capital P) Imogen. I have had enough of these lesser mortals hogging the limelight - it is now time for me to speak. I try not to 'live' at the vets, unlike these other hairy creatures. The noise they make chasing each other in the staff room is too much for my delicate disposition! Don't get me wrong, if I am ill or need annual vaccinations to keep me healthy I am happy to travel with Carys, my servant, to visit those kind vets. I allow Carys time off to go to her other job on a daily basis - as long as she gives me 100% when she returns to my palace! Carys is training to be a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She has completed her preliminary written papers, and 2 years worth of portfolio cases (that is a triumph in itself - 2 years of case studies and evidence). She is sitting her final written exams soon, and will then have to complete a day of practical exams - thank goodness I'm a cat. Once Carys is qualified she will run her own clinics, take the lead in monitoring anaesthesia, take radiographs, carry out blood sampling, set up and monitor intensive care patients, run the pharmacy, give you sound advice and so much more - I could ramble on for hours. It's great to know that at my vets all the staff are fully qualified! It's not the case at every vets you know!!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Me again!!!

Hi my human friends!! Bracket here... Well I'm missing my Broad Lane cuddles this week as mum is taking some well earned days off work. She's making up for it by taking me on loads of walks - she says the housework can wait! Before I was allowed in the fields with sheep and cows she put some drops on my neck, that she got from work. Apparently they are to make sure I don't get any ticks - if I do they will die...yipeeeeee. I don't want them sucking my blood and making me ill. Well can't hang around on-line fields to explore, butterlies to chase and people to jump up!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Freddie Krueger here!

Now I really must put things straight - I can't have that blasted black Labrador hogging all the limelight! He can't even bark, so I'm certainly not going to let him take over all the blogging in his Second language!

My name is Freddie, I'm ginger, I'm mean and I'm Max's brother (only by adoption, I hasten to add!) I was Elly's first son; before she brought that smelly dog home! When I was a tiny kitten me and my two sisters were brought in to Broad Lane Vets by one of those nice Cats Protection people, because we'd been abandoned and had Cat 'Flu. The Cats Protection is a great charity; they care for unwanted cats, rehome them, pay for veterinary treatment if they're poorly, and even subsidise the cost of neutering if owners can't afford it. Broad Lane Vets work closely with the Cats Protection and particularly their fosterers; they're people who volunteer their time to take on cats and kittens until they can find them a permanent home. They're very dedicated - I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them. If you're interested in the work they do, have a look at www.coventrycats.co.uk.

Once Elly had treated my Cat 'Flu I started feeling much better. I still get occasional runny noses, as once you've had it you become a lifelong carrier. One of the worst times was when I moved house; like most cats, I hate change! Any stress tends to trigger a flare-up, and I got really snotty then, but Elly treated me and I soon got used to my new home. What really annoyed me was when I found out that for a few pounds you can vaccinate against Cat 'Flu; which would have avoided me ever getting poorly in the first place! I wish my first owners had bothered to get me vaccinated, but never mind, at least I've got a good home now!

Better get back to Max now; need to put him in his place; a couple of left hooks with my claws (semi-) retracted should do it! Byeee! Fred.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Max the Labrador!

Hi everyone, my name's Max, I'm a black Lab, and my favourite thing in the world is mud, and there's plenty of that around at the moment, especially in the War Memorial Park where I go every day! (The weather was a little better when the photo with my mom Elly was taken!) I'm one of the more experienced staff-owned pets at Broad Lane, and I feel its time to put my paw down and be counted - can't let these new young pups grab all the limelight can we?!

Its my birthday today, I'm 9 years old, so I'm looking forward to a tasty special dinner cooked by my dad Jerome later (mom can't cook!) Reaching this age means I have now officially retired from being a Doggy Blood Donor, which is a shame, as I always looked forward to my treats and free toy after donating! Not many people realise, but pets sometimes need blood transfusions, just the same as people do. In the past, when a pet my mom was treating needed blood, she had to use one of the staff dogs as a donor (like me!) However 3years ago, a new charity called "Pet Blood Bank" was set up, and they now run co-ordinated blood drives at volunteer practices across the UK - Broad Lane Vets is the only practice in Coventry to hold regular blood drives for the charity. They collect blood from suitable donors, then process and store it, so vets across the country can access this vital treatment as and when they need it. I have given blood lots of times, and have saved a good few of my doggy friends' lives by doing this. It only takes a few minutes, and the people that take the blood are very gentle, so I don't mind a bit - especially when I get lots of fuss afterwards! I always wonder why more owners don't bring their dogs to donate, especially as we all get a free examination by a vet, free blood typing as well as a full health screen. Anyway I'd do it just for the smart red Bandana we get (even though dad says he won't take me for a walk if I insist on wearing it!)

All you need to remember is that you must be up to date with your vaccinations, microchipped, 1-8years old, and you've got to be over 25kg. You need to be good-tempered, and obviously in good health. As I'm now too old, it would be great if I could recruit a few doggy donor replacements. Our next blood drive will be held in June - if you're interested, then there's lots more info at www.petbloodbankuk.org or you can ring Broad Lane Vets on 02476 464789 and ask for Kerry.

I'm off for another walk now - wonder if I can remember where that particularly smelly puddle is that I found last time - hope so! Max.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Quite a mouthful!

Hey ya all, the Bracket is back J To think that everyday there is something new to learn, huh? It is incredible how much there is to find out about the world and life and everything. I will have to live to over 120 years to be able to learn most things, I think.
Today I learnt about ‘lungworm’. Sounds a bit yuck and it is not really nice, actually. I was in the garden, sniffing away and tracking something I have not seen before. It looked quite tasty, but mom got quite upset when she saw me chewing it and made me drop it. Truth be told, it was a bit tasteless and gloopy. Mom told me it was a slug and she said I should not eat them. Apparently they can transmit ‘lungworm’. Even the slime trail that they leave when crawling around, can transmit this. ‘Lungworm’ can cause all sorts of problems in dogs, like coughing and internal bleeding and it can be fatal. Scary stuff really, so I was glad my mom stopped me just in time. The treatment for lungworm is quite straightforward, it is called ‘Advocate’ and is like other flea drops that are put on the back of the neck. With a condition like this, I think it is better to be safe than sorry, right?
Gotta dash. It is a grey and wet day outside, but am going for a stroll nevertheless. TTFN, B-boy