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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tuesday = Acupuncture Day

Just a quick update today. It has been yet another exciting and varied day at work. Luckily I could snooze through a lot of it, but everyone else was pretty busy. And everyday I learn something new, life is exciting, isn’t it?
Today I was on the way out to have a toilet break and got chatting to one of the other dogs that was in the waiting room, ’Dusty’. He was a lovely old fella and ever so chatty, reminiscing of his younger days. He is a looooot older than me and says his hips have been giving him trouble. Getting up in the morning was getting more difficult and painful for him. Says he has arthritis. After seeing his vet he was given some painkiller tablets (those for dogs) and they made him feel better. But, he is now also coming to see one of the other vets, Richard. Richard has been at Broadlane for a good few years (way before my time!) and he does something called ‘acupuncture’. Apparently the ancient Chinese used this sort of treatment for all sorts of ailments. It works by sticking tiny needles in certain areas all over the body to try and relief pain and muscle tension. Richard is really clever knowing where to put these tiny needles. I am not keen on needles myself, but ‘Dusty’ says they don’t really hurt at all. He gets really quite relaxed during the whole process and looks forward to the relief he gets from it.
Isn’t it crazy that needles can actually make you hurt less?
Oh dear, mom is calling. Does that mean we are going home? Oh boy, that means I am going for a walk. And oh boy oh boy, that means I am getting my dinner soon J
Catch ya all soon, B-boy

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hi out there! My name is Veda, and I am as loveable as all those little rugrats I have to share the staffroom with. Life used to be so peaceful but now... Still I can give them a run for their money - Try coming near me when I have a chew!! Well I am going to be a star again tommorrow - Oh the fuss, Oh the adulation - I cannot wait. OK., OK, patience everybody, all will be revealed! Tomorrow at the surgery there is a blood drive. This is a doggy blood donor session run in conjunction with the Pet Blood Bank UK, with 18 dogs donating! It's just like your sessions we give blood, have a lie down and then enjoy something to eat. And ... we go home with a goody bag, have a free health review and receive a comprehensive blood test! If your canine friends would like to get involved they can contact my friends at Broad Lane Vets who can give them more information! Oh by the way you need to be 1-8 years old and over 25kg in weight. Well must blog off now as I've been promised a walk.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bracket the Gorgeous

Hi all - it's me Bracket, that gorgeous puppy in the photo! Everyone loves me - I'm just so cute, and I know it! My mum takes me to work with her every day and what fun I have. She might stop soon though. Ever since I had my second vaccination I have been able to walk to work on my lead, and what a great time I have. We're only 10 minuutes away but I can make it last 40 minutes, no problem. Everyone wants a cuddle - well why wouldn't they I am irresistible. I met Wellington, a practice regular on Friday, and can he give sloppy kisses - what a dog! Mum says she'll have to leave me at home if I keep making her late for work, so I bettter hurry up next week - I'm not missing all those cuddles!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The First post! and hopefully not the last!

Well welcome! We're all rather new to this, but it looks fun, and well it's not often at work that you are encouraged to mess around online.
It's chaos in our staffroom today-There are puppies everywhere! Several staff have had new family members recently. Sarah and Roger took on unwanted Jack Russell pups brought into the waiting room, and abandoned here on January 15th. Bracket and Esme have been part of the furniture ever since. Not to be outdone our third practice puppy, Baxter, appeared with Karina 3 days later. He is a rather boistrous Boston Terrier, affectionately known as ASBO!
Must blog off now as there is another present to clean up on the carpet!