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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Who Is Looking After Your Pet?

Freddie Krueger (the Cat) - serving to educate you mere humans as usual!

I was recently forced to frequent my mom's place of work - Broad Lane Vets - to undergo investigation of a limp I've had. I admit I don't enjoy such outings - travelling is so stressful! However the excellent staff made the experience a lot less frightening than some of the things I've seen on the TV about vets lately.

It seems some Veterinary Practices don't use Qualified Veterinary Nurses, which means unqualified, inexperienced staff are being used instead. These unqualified lay staff perform consultations, medical procedures and even assist the vets during operations. The practices often give these staff fancy names such as "Pet Health Advisor". However these staff have at best had a few weeks' on-the-job instruction, and all too often have no formal training or qualifications at all.

It takes over 2 years' training to become a Fully-qualified Veterinary Nurse. Broad Lane Vets believes only fully-qualified Veterinary Nurses should be monitoring patients under anaesthetic, performing certain medical procedures, and advising owners about their pets' healthcare. Broad Lane Vets have no less than 6 Fully-qualified and skilled Veterinary Nurses, working alongside the 8 experienced Veterinary Surgeons, to ensure your pets received the best possible veterinary care.