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Monday, 27 August 2012

Radio Snail

Vet Elly was on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire on Sunday, discussing the dangers of using slug/snail pellets around pets. "Metaldehyde" is the toxic ingredient. If eaten, it can can cause neurological signs ranging from twitches and tremors to full-blown convulsions, and can be fatal, even in relatively small quantities. Always seek prompt veterinary attention if you think your pet may have eaten slug/snail pellets, and remember to take the packaging with you so your vet has as much information to go on as possible.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Spot The Difference!

Dalmation adopts lamb with spotty coat!

A lamb born in South Australia’s Barossa Valley has been adopted… not by another sheep, but by the breeder’s pet Dalmatian named Zoe! At first glance, the lamb looks much like its “mother” as it sports a black and white coat. It takes most onlookers by surprise on second glance when they realise that the pup is a lamb!

Much to the amusement of breeders John and Julie Bolton, the pair are now inseparable after the spotty lamb was rejected by its mother. Fortunately for the little ewe, who got her markings from the mating of a pure-bred white Dorper ram
with a cross-bred Dorper-Van Rooy ewe, the Dalmatian was happy to adopt her.

It's difficult to tell which is the most confused but Zoe was quick to show the abandoned lamb love and affection; licking her adoptive son affectionately and generally taking care of him. The little lamb happily follows Zoe around the farm and even sleeps inside the dog kennel.

Mrs Bolton said the confused little lamb had even tried to suckle from Zoe, but had to make do with a bottle instead.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Happy Birthday!

                     Happy Birthday, Sarah K!
(We won't tell anyone how old you are tomorrow.... well not here anyway!)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Princess gives birth

A young stray female cat (now named "Princess") was brought in to us by a member of the public heavily pregnant last week. We took her in, and she gave birth on Friday night , waiting until most people had gone home - the night cleaner noticing something and alerting us she'd gone into labour! Vet Elly stayed and watched her as she had the first kitten no problem, then the 2nd with a helping hand due to being breach position. She then hung onto her 3rd kitten 'til morning, and Vet Nurse Cheryl assisted her in this final birth. All 3 kittens and mum seem happy and healthy, and are doing well!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

A new member for the Olympic Swimming Team?

Max has just been swimming, and so is sporting his smart green dressing gown, which we think rather suits him! He goes to Corley Canine Pool every Saturday or Sunday for his weekly dip. This Hydrotherapy helps with his arthritis, by enabling him to have non-weight-bearing exercise to keep his muscles working and his joints moving. Plus he rather enjoys it, having been a strong swimmer in the sea off the coasts of Devon and Cornwall during holidays in his younger years. Max and his mom (Vet Elly) want to say a big "Thankyou" to Elaine of Corley Canine Pool, for Max's swimming lessons, his dressing gown, and of course his biscuits at the end of the session!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Doberman watches Boxer at Olympics!

As Nicola Adams fought her way to an Olympic Gold medal yesterday, her biggest and most loyal supporter was unable to attend, instead having to settle for watching her on the TV back in their home town of Leeds. This was Dexter, her 10month old pet Doberman! Whilst his owner boxed her way to history, Dexter was being boarded at a luxury kennels, where Nicola made sure he had his own TV on which to watch her progress. During the fourth round he watched particularly intently, mascot in mouth, and pawed at the glass partition separating him from the screen! Ahhhh..

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Ever kissed your pet? Admit it, lots of us have, or at least have come close, intentional or not! Sometimes when we're examining dogs on the consult room table at the practice, and our heads are at the same height, those big canine tongues get us just when we're not expecting it, right on the face with a lovely big schmackeroo! (Just think where those tongues have been..ewww!)

But on a more serious note, could you give your pet the kiss of life in an emergency? Our Senior Vet Elly was on BBC CWR's Vic Minett Show today discussing just this. It was after a news article about a man, in fact a human GP, who resuscitated his tortoise after he found it head down in a bowl of water! Believe it or not, you can indeed do CPR on your pet, but its mouth-to-snout for pets, rather than mouth-to-mouth! Of course, never try it unless your pet has actually stopped breathing, as it can cause harm, and always seek a vet's advice as soon as you can.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Charlie Cheers on Team GB!

Pictured is a photo emailed to us by Charlie's owner. This shows Charlie all decked-out and ready to support Team GB during the London 2012 Olympics. He looks very smart indeed, if somewhat disappointed - perhaps he'd just watched Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield miss out on a medal? Cheer-up, Charlie, things are looking up now, with 4 Golds and counting...!