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Friday, 30 December 2011

Hayley begins her nurse training

Hayley begins training as a student nurse next week.
She began with the practice as a Veterinary Care Assistant in March 2010 and has worked her way up.
Hayley always gives 100% and will be well known with our Radford and Balsall Common clients, as well as those atttending Broad Lane.
As a student nurse she will attend college for nearly 3 years, taking Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' written and practical exams, as well as completing a progress log with the practice to show practical competence.
We know Hayley will make a great Veterinary Nurse, and wish her every success on her new journey.

Monday, 19 December 2011

It's that most wonderful of the year...

Well busy, busy, busy ...
Don't forget to order your prescriptions and pet foods before Thursday, to guarantee collection before Santa arrives.
Christmas parties, wrapping presents, guests to stay, school holidays, cakes to ice... the list goes on. No wonder sometimes we forget the hazards this season can present to our pets.
Decorations, like tinsel, lights and ornaments, are often too much for your pets to resist. Wooden, plastic and glass decorations can easily be ingested or smashed, either way potentially dangerous for your pet. For houserabbit owners keep cables out of the way - you know how they love nibbling, and chewing on these can lead to electric shocks.
An abundance of food on the Christmas table presents a danger not only to our waistlines but to the health of our pets. Fat-laden scraps of food fed to our pets can cause vomitting and diarrhoea but more importantly pancreatitis. Bones from poultry and other meats can shatter, leaving sharp edges to penetrate stomach linings and gut walls. Never be tempted to feed them.
Remember not to feed your pets grapes and raisins as these are toxic to dogs potentially causing kidney damage.
Likewise chocolate is a poison to cats and dogs. Less than half a small bar of dark chocolate can be fatal to your pet. If they steal a few chocolate drops don't panic, but any more call us straightaway for advice.
Poinsettia, Holly and mistletoe give your home a festive feel but are toxic to pets. Just remember to keep them out of reach and enjoy them.
Always call us for phone advice if you are worried.
At all surgeries we have produced a comprehensive list of festive dangers so do pop in and collect our free guide.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas and New Year Holiday Opening Hours

Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve)

Sunday 25th December (Christmas Day)
CLOSED (emergency vet available)

Monday 26th December (Boxing Day)

Tuesday 27th December (Holiday Tuesday)

Saturday 31st December (New Year's Eve)

Sunday 1st January (New Year's Day)
CLOSED (emergency vet available)

Monday 2nd January (Bank Holiday)

For emergencies or advise during the holiday period please telephone: 02476 464789

Friday, 25 November 2011

Free weightwatchers

Hello all, Bracket here and I've time for another chat. There's a free computer so here goes. Going to be quick today as I got told off for 'playing' on Lisa's computer last week... little does she know ! With the winter nights now drawing in our owners find it so much more difficult to find time to walk us, their four legged friends. Dogs and cats (and our guardians) prefer to settle down in front of the fire than get out and about on cold winter evenings. The problem is we then eat the same gorgeous bowls of food, along with treats and left-overs, and we start to gain the odd pound. This excess weight can lead to joint problems, diabetes and heart disease (and I hate taking tablets at the best of times, so do not intend on self inflicting that punishment). I climb on the practice scales each week to keep an eye on my waistline, and you can too. Pop your owners into any of the surgeries and check your weight - it's free to do. The lovely qualified and registered veterinary nurses run free weightwatcher sessions - they are great fun to attend. Give the practice Head Nurse, Sarah, a call and have a chat - boy, can she chat! Well I can hear Lisa coming up the stairs so I had better 'blog off'. Speak, I mean bark, soon.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Look after the garden birds

Max here writing this whilst I lie by our warm fire. With the colder days coming it's worth sparing a thought for our featheed friends. Common species such as blackbirds, blue tits, robins and sparrows really struggle with the cold nights. These birds can lose up to 10% of their bodyweight just keeping warm. This means they need to be well fed during the day to replenish their daily reserves.
There's lots we can do to help. In our garden my mum leaves out fresh water (and later in the winter changes it twice a day as it regularly freezes). She stocks the bird table with high calorie, high fat seed mix. Extra household scraps are always welcomed by our feathered visitors, like cooked potato, cake crumbs, soft fruit and grated cheese. We also have hanging feeders - that I cannot quite reach! In them we have sunflower rich mixes and unsalted peanuts. Just the look of them makes me so hungry!! Remember to keep them out of me and my friend's reach so the birds feel safe, and are able to feel undisturbed. Don't put them near fences or hedges as them crafty cats can easily catch the feeding birds. A perch for our feathered friends is ideal.
I found loads of great ideas for my mum on www.rspb.org.uk

Monday, 10 October 2011

Firework season is here again

Did you know that 80% of pets suffer some degree of noise / firework phobia, and ... November is nearly here again. Firework season can be such a scary time for our pets. In this week’s blog we have put together a few hints that will hopefully reduce the stress levels in your household.

Before the firework season starts, provide your dog with a ‘doggy play area', where they can feel safe. This should be calm, so chose one of the quietest rooms in your home. Train your dog to associate the play area with positive experiences, e.g. by playing games with them. Use a variety of toys and swap them regularly, putting them away when not in use so that your dog doesn’t become bored with them.

Some dogs and cats also appreciate being able to hide when frightened, so provide a ‘pet den’ to help them to cope. For example, this could be a wardrobe or a cupboard, packed with old duvets and blankets to make it more comfortable and to help sound-proof the area. It is important that your pet has access to its ‘den’ at all times, even when you’re not at home.

In the run up to fireworks night walk your dog when it is still light outside. This reduces the possibility of fireworks being let off and your dog becoming worried.

Make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are securely closed during fireworks' night. This will reduce the chances of your pets escaping. Have your pet microchipped in case they do escape – Broad Lane Vets is offering microchips at only £10 throughout October and November 2011.

Provide extra litter trays for cats. Litter trays will be used more as your cat is confined to the house.

Provide distractions, in the form of new toys and chews, during periods when fireworks are occurring. Draw curtains and put the TV on to mask the noise of fireworks being let off. Ignore the firework noises yourself. Play with a toy to see if your dog wants to join in, but don’t force them to play.

If your pet shows any signs of fear, try to ignore their behaviour. Please do not punish your pet! This will only make your pet more distressed, and worse in the long run.

Try not to leave your pets alone when fireworks are going off. Do not try to tempt your cat out of their hiding place.
In the long term, your dog needs to learn to be less afraid of loud noises. With proper treatment this is possible so that the next firework season will be less stressful for you and your dog. We recommend Sounds Scary! - An easy to follow CD therapy pack for dogs which includes CDs, an information booklet and an easy to follow guide. The amount of training needed will vary from dog to dog so you should start training with the Sounds Scary! CD well in advance of the firework season. Planning ahead can help your dog cope with the firework season. Talk to us now about pheromone diffusers. These disperse calming chemicals into the room and may be a good option for your dog. In some cases we need to prescribe medication. If either of these options is used, we will talk to you about using the in conjunction with behavioural therapy.
And finally don’t forget small animals…
If your pets live outside, partly cover cages, pens and aviaries with blankets so that one area is well sound-proofed. Make sure that your pet is still able to look out. Provide lots of extra bedding so your pet has something to burrow in.

Do come and talk to us at Broad Lane Vets as there is lots you can do to help your pet.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Identichips for £10

Freddie here, the cat with the sharpest talons.
You know I thought my mum had gone off me this week. Whilst I was pretending to sleep on her knee the other day (Yes, even I can be cuddly when I feel like it) I heard her mention a new pet... I could not believe my ears. She said I would eventually get used to 'IT' and she had to accept I may disappear for a few days. Well I thought, all these years of purring, curling around her legs, miaowwing, letting her scratch between my ears, and this is how she treats me.
Then I realised she was worried about me as she said 'I'll have to take Freddie to Broad Lane Vets to have an identichip put in. If he becomes frightened, and runs off then he can be scanned and returned safely to us' Aaahh they love me so much.... I reckon some extra treats could come out of this situation.

Broad Lane Vets, Radford Road Vets and Balsall Common Vets are all offering Identichips for £10 during September and October 2011. Give them a call for more information.

Monday, 5 September 2011

National Pet Smile Month

Hi me again. Have you seen the commercials - you know the ones with those dogs making a fool of themselves? As if we wear dentures.
Well there are things you can do if we have smelly breath and dirty teeth. First though make a FREE appointmentment at Broad Lane Vets, any of our surgeries, to have our mouths and teeth checked. This FREE appointment can be made any time during September.
September is National Pet Smile month and Broad Lane Vets are taking part. As well as FREE appointments they are giving great savings on Dental work. Give them a call for a quote, or visit the 'offers page' on our website http://www.broadlanevets.co.uk/
Your pet could have a smile as fantastic as mine!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Although you would think people would know better by now, every year we hear of yet more incidents of dogs dying in hot cars.

There is still a misconception that dogs only die in hot cars if you don't drop the window or leave a bowl of water. Unfortunately, the temperature inside a car on a hot day can rise extremely rapidly. Studies have shown that if the temperature outside is 22 degrees Celsius, within 60 minutes the temperature inside a car can rocket to 46 degrees, and having the windows open a crack hardly slows the rise at all.

The early warning signs of heatstroke are:
- Heavy panting, profuse salivation
- Rapid pulse, very red gums/tongue
- Lethargy, incoordination
- Vomiting, diarrhoea
- Loss of consciousness

Heatstroke first aid:
- Move dog to a shaded/cool area
- Douse with cool water + let the dog drink small amounts
- Find a vet, phone ahead then take the dog there

If you see a dog in a car on a hot day, 'phone 999.

Broad Lane Vets fully support the most recent campaign set up by the Editor of Dogs Today; www.dogstodaymagazine.co.uk/dontcookyourdog

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

We've been training at the pub!!

Yes that's right! Our latest training session was to take the receptionists and nurses to the pub. They all came along. It was not actually in the pub but on Bertha, a big purple bus, in the 'Newlands' Pub Car Park. Let me explain. Bertha is the mobile home of Onswitch, a veterinary training company. The bus can be booked by Veterinary Practice to train staff in advanced customer care skills. We are very proud of our reception team, who do a great job every day, giving our clients friendly and professional help. However we can all do even better with a little help, so a day away from the practice allowed us all to focus completely on some training. Role play was a major part of the day - not something any of us enjoy, but necessary if we were to benefit. We feel it helped so you should see the benefits when you contact us at the surgery.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

National Microchipping Month

Oh I feel great, she obviously loves me so much.... I am so special! Oh hi there, sorry, I did not mean to ignore you - It's me Bracket again. What am I woofing on about I hear you ask. My mum cannot ever want to lose me. I must be a really cherished pet. Today I had a microchip implanted at Broad Lane Vets and you can too, throughout June 2011, for only £10.
June is National Pet Microchipping Month 2011.
It was implanted in my scruff and did not hurt me. It was like having any other injection. They took all my mum's details and registered me on a confidential database. If ever I get lost (or if mum pretends she's lost me! - yes I'm not always an angel) or if I am stolen (highly likely with my charisma, and fine pedigree) the I can be scanned and be reunited with my mum.
It would be such an emotional time. I can picture it now... an new collar, a new bandana, longer walks, a space on her bed, more food. It's bring a tear to my eye !

Thursday, 19 May 2011

National Vaccination Amnesty

If your pet has not had a vaccination in the last 18 months ask us about our vaccination amnesty. Throughout May and June 2011 you can bring your adult pet's vaccinations up-to-date for only £19.99. Any pet that has missed their booster injection can receive a full new complete course, paying only for the first injection, and at the same time receive a full veterinary health review.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

All change - except my doggy treats

Well it's been a few weeks since I had a chat with my fans so... Hello - It's me, Bracket, the resident practice superstar. Adored throughout the woods, fussed by all the staff and fed by everyone who has the misfortune to see my pathetic puppy, head cocked on-one-side look! There's been a lot happening at Broad Lane Vets recently (apart from my words per minute type speed increasing). They have a new computer and IT system. The old one needed an upgrade - It's been there longer than all us practice pets! The staff say a big thankyou to all the clients for putting up with them whilst they learn how to use it, in the consulting rooms and on reception. It's really different from the old system, and some of the older humans here aren't techy! Me, I've spent hours on people's laps helping transfer data - I know I've been a great help on those keyboards - They keep on saying 'That's enough for now Bracket', and putting me on the floor with a treat. They are so grateful! It's taken longer than they hoped to move data, despite having the installation on a Sunday, and all training in advance. Apparently the old and new systems did not like speaking to each other so they have had to do a lot manually - Who's ever heard of a talking computer!!! Talking of Sundays have you heard the news? Broad Lane Vets, at their 255 Broad Lane Surgery, now open on a Sunday from 11am 'til 3pm. You can make an appointment or drop in on the day. There is more information on the news page of our website. Well enough gossip as I need to go and help in the office with the stock control files (and have a few cuddles whilst I'm at it). Wait... I can definitely smell scotch egg somewhere so I'll blog off for now and... no time Freida might get there first... gotta go!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Collections over Christmas

Thankyou everyone who made donations via our charity boxes over Christmas. We are pleased to tell you we raised £40.50 for the Pet Blood Bank, £112.57 for The Coventry Cats' Protection and... watch this space for monies given for the Guide Dog Appeal. Thankyou again to all our clients who made a donation. More information about our Charity of the Year - Cancer and Hypo-Alert Medic Dogs soon.