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Friday, 30 September 2011

Identichips for £10

Freddie here, the cat with the sharpest talons.
You know I thought my mum had gone off me this week. Whilst I was pretending to sleep on her knee the other day (Yes, even I can be cuddly when I feel like it) I heard her mention a new pet... I could not believe my ears. She said I would eventually get used to 'IT' and she had to accept I may disappear for a few days. Well I thought, all these years of purring, curling around her legs, miaowwing, letting her scratch between my ears, and this is how she treats me.
Then I realised she was worried about me as she said 'I'll have to take Freddie to Broad Lane Vets to have an identichip put in. If he becomes frightened, and runs off then he can be scanned and returned safely to us' Aaahh they love me so much.... I reckon some extra treats could come out of this situation.

Broad Lane Vets, Radford Road Vets and Balsall Common Vets are all offering Identichips for £10 during September and October 2011. Give them a call for more information.

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