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Thursday, 9 June 2011

National Microchipping Month

Oh I feel great, she obviously loves me so much.... I am so special! Oh hi there, sorry, I did not mean to ignore you - It's me Bracket again. What am I woofing on about I hear you ask. My mum cannot ever want to lose me. I must be a really cherished pet. Today I had a microchip implanted at Broad Lane Vets and you can too, throughout June 2011, for only £10.
June is National Pet Microchipping Month 2011.
It was implanted in my scruff and did not hurt me. It was like having any other injection. They took all my mum's details and registered me on a confidential database. If ever I get lost (or if mum pretends she's lost me! - yes I'm not always an angel) or if I am stolen (highly likely with my charisma, and fine pedigree) the I can be scanned and be reunited with my mum.
It would be such an emotional time. I can picture it now... an new collar, a new bandana, longer walks, a space on her bed, more food. It's bring a tear to my eye !