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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Hello, Max the black Lab checking in. Thought I'd share my recent experience of having a Dental with you as lots of us dogs have, well to be blunt, dog breath

Get your owner to take advantage of Pet Smile Month. During September, if you're not sure how healthy your teeth are, your owner can book in for a Free Dental Check. If you need a Dental, then Broad Lane Vets are performing these at a reduced price throughout September, so a full General Anaesthetic, Dental Scale and Polish will cost just* (including VAT):

Rabbit £50
Cat £75
Dog £100

You will also get a Free Dental Review 2days' later, where you will be checked over and your owner will receive lots of advice about how to keep your teeth clean for the future.

Once there are several layers of plaque on the teeth, no amount of toothbrushing will shift it. Bacteria start to move in - they love to work their way under the gums and start causing problems. As well as leading to decay, these bacteria trickle into the bloodstream and can actually make you feel generally under-the-weather. The only way to get back to nice pearly whites and healthy gums, is a Dental scale and polish.

My teeth are now lovely and white and I feel so much better in myself! A Dental does require a General Anaesthetic, as pets need to be completely still for the Vet to access all surfaces of the teeth and give them a really good clean. But its very safe, as Broad Lane Vets use the same anaesthetics they do in human hospitals, they have fully-qualified Veterinary Nurses monitoring the patient throughout the procedure and the experienced Vets have done lots of dentals on pets like me over the years. Now I can smile - especially as I know it will be Freddie's turn next!

*Extractions may sometimes be required in addition, and are chargeable

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