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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Our fourth Vet Idol entrant to reach the final

Fraya, a beautiful 3 year old female cat, was brought into Broad Lane Vets one Friday night in November last year. She was collapsed and bleeding heavily from her mouth and eye, following a suspected road traffic accident. She was treated for shock and stabilised on an intravenous drip overnight. The folowing day xray investigation revealed severe head trauma. She had suffered a blow of quite some force, resulting in multiple jaw fractures, huge swelling of her tongue, and bruising to her eye. She was very lucky to have survived. O ne jaw fracture was surgically repaired, but the other injuries were more complex, and so she was moved to an Orthopaedic Referral Centre for specialist treatment. Due to her extensive facial injuries Fraya required a feeding tube to be inserted directly into her stomach. This allowed any food given to bypass her mouth, allowing her tongue and jaw time to heal. She was hospitalised for several days, and once home her owners had to learn how to feed her through this tube. She was cared for this way for nearly 2 months. Fraya is still under regular veterinary treatment but she had her stomach tube removed recently and her
injuries are now healing. She is certainly a much happier lady than when she came into us that cold dark Autumn night, and thanks to her owners' dedication she is well on the road to recovery.    

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