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Friday, 1 June 2012

Queenie and the snake bite

Poor Queenie got the fright of her life when out walking with her mum and dad earlier this week. On holiday, in Norfolk, the 4 year old West Highland White Terrier was bitten on the face by an adder - one of only 2 breeds of venomous snakes, living in the wild, in the UK. 
Broad Lane Vets received a phonecall from the worried owners as they were on their way home to Coventry. Although initially Queenie seemed alright she was now uncomfortable, and reluctant to eat or drink. Whilst they were en-route one of our vets set off in our animal ambulance to collect an anti-vemon required to treat the condition. As soon as she arrived the team were ready to admit her to the hospital for intensive care nursing. Our registered veterinary nurses worked alongside the vets monitoring her throughout the day as she received the antivenom, and fluids, recommended by the Veterinary Poisons' Service.
We are thrilled to say Queenie has now made a full recovery and is due in for her final review today

There are approximately 100 adder bites reported in the UK each year. Although the symptoms can be serious the last recorded death from an adder occurred in this country in 1975. Adder bites can be very painful, often requiring hospital treatment. Symptoms include pain, swelling, vomitting and faintness.       

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