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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Angel’s New Year’s resolution

A New Year’s resolution ? That sounds like hard work, can’t I just lie here and play with my new toy ?
I like sleeping, and I am very good at it… maybe I should resolve to do it more. I think I could just about manage another hour or so a day. I used to run around when I was younger but it is much easier now to lie still now. Mum says that is because I am a little ‘bigger’ than I used to be but I know that I am just perfect. Anyway there is always a full bowl of biscuits down, and what is a cat to do, ignore them? I don’t think so! Obviously I don’t always eat everything I am given, sometimes I just lick the gravy or jelly from the meat course but that is mainly to keep mum on her toes… and the menu varied, of course. I did hear mention if I stay this cuddly I could get problems like arthritis or diabetes, which don’t sound very nice, so maybe I should try to slim down a bit. Hmm, I shall sleep on it, zzzz.

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