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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Radio Ga-Ga

Max here! I've been a bit confused lately, as sometimes I've been hearing my mom Elly's voice when she's not at home - I was worried there might be something wrong with me! But my brother Fred the cat is much cleverer than me, and explained it was the radio I was listening to. It seems Elly's been on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire a couple of times, and has apparently been in the local papers too (I can't read, but I've seen the photo!) Its all to do with winning the FSB Small Business of the Year Award. I don't really understand it, but Fred says we should be very proud, as it means our mom works at a really good veterinary practice. You can still catch some of the radio interview from the Mark Powlett show on 8th June at 3:20pm if you go online onto the BBC i-player. I might see if I can listen again later on the computer, but I might need help with the keyboard, as my paws are a bit big!

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