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Friday, 30 November 2012

Cats could not be more different to dogs. Good luck to any of you who try to put an outfit on your moggy! – That said, one of our nurses Carys regularly dresses Tristan – see him on our blog in his Halloween dress up. Cats are however an important member of the family, and should have something under the tree! Don’t buy them one big expensive toy though, get them several cheaper ones instead. Cats will play with anything new that appears but once they have done this for a couple of days, they are likely to ignore it. Keep a box of toys and change them round regularly. This will ensure they always have something to keep them interested.
Great buys for cats include activity toys like fishing rods or anything on a string, igloo beds (cats love to hide but make sure you put them somewhere high up) and water fountains.And don’t forget them during advent we have some great feline advent calendars available at all 3 of our surgeries.

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