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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ideal Christmas gifts for your bunny

As the dark evenings drawn in, and the carols have already been playing for weeks – Christmas we know is around the corner! With work, carol singing and family commitments we often end up leaving everything to the last minute, allowing little time to plan the ideal gifts. This then leads to us buying things that aren’t always that suitable. Now, we can’t tell you what not to buy for your Dad (although I’m guessing he doesn’t really want socks again) but we can advise you what not to buy for your pets! Over the next week watch out for our blogs. Today we start with your pet bunny.
There are loads of great activity toys out there for rabbits so please don’t fall back on the usual Christmas treat option! Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in pet bunnies and causes all sorts of issues from dirty bottoms to arthritis. Too many treats can also mean they don’t eat enough hay which can cause problems with their teeth. Rabbits need hay, along with a non-selective food, to help wear down their teeth. Ideal gifts for rabbits include willow chew toys, and the biggest cage and run you can afford! Alternatively if you have a house rabbit you could treat yourself and ‘rabbit-proof’ all the wires, which should ensure there are no unexpected interruptions during the Christmas TV scheduling! Our nurses are happy to offer free weight, nutrition and dental advice consultations for your pet bunnies. Just give them a call at the surgery on 02476 464789, or visit the Rabbit page on our website: www.broadlanevets.co.uk/RabbitsandSmallPets1504.html

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